Some frequencies you can program into your police scanner and listen to in Wickenburg (the area I am in). There is more than public safety to listen to. If you are not familiar with PL/CTCSS tones, just ignore those.

Public Safety Frequencies

AgencyFrequencyPL/CTCSS Tones
Wickenburg Police Dept155.625 MHzPL 110.9
Wickenburg Fire Dept155.865 MHzPL 100.0
DPS Metro West460.300 MHzPL 151.4
Yavapai County Sheriff153.815 MHzPL 136.5
Congress Fire Dept154.235 MHzPL 94.8
Yarnell Fire Dept155.655 MHzPL 162.2
Lifeline Ambulance159.555 MHzPL 146.2
Circle City Morristown Fire Dept158.7525 MHzPL 103.5

Amateur Radio Frequencies

RepeaterFrequencyPL/CTCSS TONES
ARA 2-Meter White Tanks146.940 MHz162.2
ARA 2-Meter Smith Peak (Aguila)146.680 MHz162.2
H.A.R.K. Yarnell Hill146.620 MHz162.2
ARA 2-Meter Mt. Ord146.920 MHz162.2
2-Meter Wildflower Mt145.350 MHz162.2
ARA 2-Meter Mt. Ord (Rimlink)147.360 MHz162.2
ARA 70cm Crown King/Towers449.175 MHz100.0
ARA 70cm Sunflower/Mt. Ord444.500 MHz100.0
70cm White Tanks (W7EX)441.725 MHz100.0
ARA 70cm Smith Peak (Aguila)443.775 MHz100.0


BNSF Railroad161.370 MHz